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Welcome to Unified Solutions, Inc.

Company Profile

Unified Solutions Inc. is a company that offers fully integrated invention development and product marketing services for the inventor, with the capabilities to design, produce and market products (inventions) involving mechanical, electrical and electronic aspects.


The typical questions sound something like "I have this great invention and need help, but I don't know where to go from here?" or "Who can help me refine and mass produce my product to meet the market demands?"  

At Unified Solutions we understand both the excitement associated with a new product (your invention), and the uncertainty of stepping into an area where you may not have much experience to rely on.

If you are an inventor and need help with your invention idea, whether it be the re-design and development of your invention, market analysis and strategy, or sales implementation of the new product, we welcome your questions and inquiries, and look forward to discussing your invention ideas soon.








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