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Unified Solutions Inc. is not a "invention submission" company  that makes money from upfront fees like other companies you may have seen advertised.  We derive our revenue from the successful production revenue generated by a properly positioned, thoughtfully designed, appropriately placed (product) invention.  The following are the general list of steps involved as we help you investigate the potential of your invention ideas.

1.  The First Step - Signing of a Confidentiality Agreement.

This Agreement we sign legally prevents us  from sharing any of your invention ideas or concepts that you tell us with anyone outside of our company.  If your invention is already patented, then this step is not needed.

2.  The Second Step - You share your invention idea with us.

This can be done with a "face to face" visit, phone, e-mail, drawing or a physical sample of your invention

3.  The Third Step - Our initial response to your invention.

We may request additional input or information from you, or request a possible patent search if no patent exists.  It may be that your idea does not meet certain requirements we set to move to the next step.

We may reject your invention idea based on our analysis of :

  • Market Need and Acceptance
  • Development Cost
  • Design Feasibility

4.  The Forth Step - Our official response..

After we have gathered all the initial product and market information necessary relating to your invention, we then will be able to provide you with a simple yes or no response.

If the response is yes, then we move to our last step, which is --------

5.  The Fifth Step - Formulate the contract.

We would formulate a contract with you to develop, market, produce and sell your invention with the following contract points outlined.

  • Royalty Rate (s)
  • Contract Length
  • Performance Criteria
  • Your Legal Rights
  • Patent Infringement Process and Responsibilities

Your invention (product) may require additional steps based on the related market issues.  We will clearly communicate any variations needed during this process so that you understand the status of your invention's progress..


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